And the pain is back. I better sleep it off.

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I know some of you are flipping out over the spoilers, but for the sake of others: Please be careful of what you say. Some people only want to know of certain things, others don’t want any spoilers at all.

I really did not want to know about that third thing. Now I’m kinda angry.

It is just ridiculous though, so I’ll get over it. But still.

Is there any way you could post the spoilers under a read more I am so desperate it's embarrassing

I only have two spoilers so if you want to know the rest you’ll have to dig deeper yourself, sorry. I can only be vague about who does what but I’m sure you’ll know. I just don’t want people yelling at me. So if you guys don’t wanna know, then ignore the readmore. If you check it out anyway and get mad, well I warned you.

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Welp I know of two things about ep 5 but it could change before the release. 

Have you seen the spoilers? I can't find them I know it's stupid but I'm desperate to know

A friend told me of two things I wanted to know on skype. I don’t know of all of them and from what I’ve been told, this is just the tip of the iceburg. Lots of bad stuff happens (expected of the last episode) and yeah, it could be what you are thinking- but there is one thing that telltale took into account for once.

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This is just a guess, I have a feeling at least one out of Bonnie and Mike will die and if I'm honest I'd much prefer Bonnie to live but I suppose it could be argued Mike is more useful. It's doubtful Kenny will die and Clementine won't at all. So that leaves Luke, and honestly he's been kind've an ass anyway but it'd still be sad. As for the baby, I can't see them killing off an infant in a fun fight but I doubt it will last long.

I er… just got some answers and I will say that you are close-ish? You might like one option in the game, but I won’t say anything else. It is up to you if you wish to take this further.

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Mrrrrgh. Okay. The only thing I really want to know by this point is will Bonnie and Mike be okay? No way Clem would die, the whole fandom would demand blood. And I’m not expecting the baby to survive as sad as that sounds. Just somebody contact me and give me a nudge if my faves are okay.

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Okay, to those who have seen the so called spoilers for ep 5… I have a question.

Are these events good? I doubt they’ll make up for how bad the season has been so far, but is there some redemption in there somewhere? Because I’ll be honest… I’m curious yet almost don’t care about getting spoilers.

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I couldn’t sleep due to pain and come online to see twdg fandom flipping over ep5 spoilers.

…I’m confused. Somebody fill me in.

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When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks

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cant be late


cant be late

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Happy kids!!


Happy kids!!

Guhhhh, I think I better go back to bed.